Put Your Friends' Faces on Breakdancing Leprechauns for St Patrick's Day [Video]

Saint Patrick's Day is just around the corner. Do you know how you're going to celebrate? JibJab knows the answer--"Beer! Beer! Beer!"

Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Do you know how you’re going to celebrate? JibJab knows the answer–“Beer! Beer! Beer!” They’re offering a fun free e-card, starring you and your friends, that you can customize and send to everyone this St. Paddy’s Day.

The free St. Patrick’s Day e-card, ‘Beer! Beer! Beer!’ is easy to customize with the faces of up to five of your friends. You can upload pictures of your friends’ faces from your computer or connect via Facebook to use the photos directly from your friends’ profiles. When you’re done, post the video to your Facebook wall or post it on your friends’ walls. Everyone is sure to get a real kick out of it. You can also email your card or download it (for $1.99) to keep it forever, upload it to YouTube and Facebook or watch it again and again on your iPhone.

I made my own ‘Beer! Beer! Beer!’ ecard, but instead of using my friends (who you don’t know from Adam) I decided to use a few folks that you are surely familiar with right now. Duh, Winning!

The above St. Patrick’s Day e-card is free, but there are a bunch more where that came from if you are a member. There are breakdancing Leprechauns, Irish stepping Leprechaun’s and more. Personally, I think that becoming a JibJab member is totally worth it for $1 per month. I signed up awhile ago and (I think) my family and friends love getting funny videos with their heads on ’em for their birthdays and holidays.

What do you think of the JibJab St. Patrick’s e-cards? Will you send them to your friends this St. Paddy’s day, or will you be too busy drinking beer?