Could Jessica Simpson Hurt Weight Watchers?

Jessica Simpson seemed like a perfect spokeswoman for Weight Watchers. The always-curvy singer/actress/whatever was once a huge media star, but her recent public profile has amounted to a series of embarrassing stories about dramatic weight gain caused by a certain physical complication known as being pregnant.

Simpson provides a perfect example of the pleasure tabloid culture takes in eating its own, and a “comeback” would create a whole lot of press for the world’s biggest weight-loss brand. Jennifer Hudson was a runaway success, so why not Jessica?

Things aren’t going as well as the company had hoped, though—their spokeswoman made some public statements that don’t really do Weight Watchers any favors, saying that there’s been “a lot of pressure” for her to lose weight but that she’s “not hitting the gym for Weight Watchers.” Also: she “didn’t realize [the weight] didn’t all come off with the baby.”

But Weight Watchers is sticking with her. Their latest video has received quite a bit of attention for some reason:

We’re not sure whether the creative team behind this promo was trying to court controversy by only showing Jessica from the neck up, but it worked: Despite the messaging confusion, Ad Age notes that the video placed second on their weekly Viral Chart. This traffic bump may have come from all the gossip blogs calling her a liar for refusing to show her entire body on camera. Respect!

We find the whole thing a little disturbing, especially Jessica’s announcement that she just wants to be “a better version of myself.”

Weight Watchers: always striving to celebrate the beauty within. Or not.