Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo: PR Dating Game?


That’s what the Boston Herald alleges today: Jessica’s dad Joe Simpson set up her relationship with Tony Romo to, “whip up publicity for his little girl, who has a new country album coming out.”

He told Tony that (a romance) would be a good opportunity for both of them, PR-wise,” a spy tells the tab. “It isn’t hard for them to look like the perfect couple – they’re like a real-life Ken and Barbie. They’re both attractive and have Texas in common.

It’s too bad Cowboy’s fans don’t seem too happy with Joe’s PR work.

Meanwhile, TV Guide’s Ken Fox writes that Jessica’s new film “Blonde Ambition” had an opening day gross of $384 (Yes, you’re reading that correctly, $384), “it may be one of the lowest grossing theatrical films ever.” Ouch.

Looks like Jessica needs more PR help than just Romo.