Jerry Seinfeld Joins Twitter, Makes Nazi Joke On Fifth Tweet

On Friday Jerry Seinfeld finally joined Twitter under the username @seintime, explaining that the tag was a nickname given to him many years ago by fellow comedian Chris Rock.

UPDATE: Jerry has now claimed ownership of the @JerrySeinfeld Twitter handle.

The account has now been verified by Twitter and has already accumulated over 150,000 followers, which is about three times that of fellow Seinfeld cast member Jason Alexander, who joined Twitter over a year ago.

In his first tweet, Seinfeld wrote, “Greetings Tweetarians! I have just landed on your Planet. This could be my last Tweet.” He followed this up with “Second Tweet! Am I done yet?”

Maybe he should have left things there, as three tweets later the Jewish comedian decided to make what could be perceived as a poor-taste joke about the Nazis.

Perhaps more damagingly for such a high-level comedian, it also wasn’t particularly funny.

You’ll have your own views about whether this attempt at humour is appropriate one day after joining Twitter, but it’s certainly a very un-Seinfeld joke.

The remark was heavily retweeted by fans, but didn’t come without some criticism from others. Maybe a wry observation about the Soup Nazi might have been the smarter move?