Jeff Bezos Takes On iPad : Top Stories Of Summer

Amazon’s ads seem to be coming right from the mouth of CEO Jeff Bezos. Earlier this summer, we live blogged the Amazon chief’s appearance on Charlie Rose and when he announced the $139 Kindle 3, he pointed out, “Some people spend more than that on sunglasses!”

And so goes the famous Kindle pool ad, which was parodied this week. In the interview Bezos also positioned his Kindle against the iPad saying that the main thing people are doing on iPad is playing video games, whereas the number one thing people are doing on Kindle is reading books. We should point out that since this interview you can now play video games on the Kindle.

Welcome to our Top Stories of Summer 2010 series. For all our readers returning from summer homes and Caribbean yacht trips, we’ve created a short list of the 15 stories you may have missed during this long busy summer for the eBook industry.