Jeb Bush CTO Resigns Over MLK, Jr. Comments

The more things change

jeb bush
Photo Credit: Ralph Alswang, WSJ

It’s been a bad month for political operatives on social media.

Just when Jeb Bush decided to go full-court press in his quest for the White House and fight “starched white folks’ candidate” stereotypes by claiming to have been “digital before digital was cool,” he had to let his brand new chief technology officer go over comments made about Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

Ethan Czahor already had a reputation as a dude in need of a charm school scholarship: as co-founder of, he was a known advocate of tweed, facial hair products, strong coffee, and general smugness.

He entered the political scene only two days ago with a resounding boom only to fizzle out with that screeching sound a balloon makes when it is gasping for air. As BuzzFeed discovered after the hiring announcement, the man-boy had a proclivity to call women pejorative names. Of course, Ethan deleted those foul-mouthed tweets (in other words, he was forced to choose the job or his comedy) but once the guy has a stage…

In January 2008, while working as the host of the radio program “The Ethan Show” at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania, Czahor took the opportunity to praise Martin Luther King, Jr. while making backhanded generalizations about “blacks.” The website is no longer operational, but Internet.

While praising the historic “I Have a Dream” speech, he said:

First of all, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a well-dressed, extremely well-spoken man; he didn’t have his pants sagged to his ankles, and he wasn’t delivering his speech in “jibberish” or “slang” (ie. he wasn’t speaking like a rapper).

He understood that looking respectable and speaking clearly and concisely isn’t a trait of white men — it’s a trait of intelligent men. He also understood that, while slavery was a terrible practice and certainly a blemish on America’s resumé, America is still the greatest country in the world. He doesn’t dwell on the negative past; instead, he urges all (not just black) Americans to look forward.

In other words, he doesn’t drone on about every little problem a black person has faced in their life; and then suggested solutions such as: blacks need more money (ie. welfare programs) or more racial-based preferences (ie. quotas) in the workplace.

He continued, saying that “black parents need to get their sh@# together, as the majority of newborn black babies belong to single-parent households.”

The #learning and #maturing weren’t enough to forgive this rant, which almost certainly ended his very, very short career in politics.  

Of course, Czahor tweeted his resignation. The more things change, the more they stay the same…

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