Jann Wenner Doesn’t Call

In light of last night’s premiere of MTV’s new reality show, I’m From Rolling Stone, the Dallas-Fort Worth Star-Telegram published a true-to-life article by DFWST staff writer and former Rolling Stone intern Aman Batheja.

Batheja dispels any notion that the sextet is performing typical tasks. “These kids worked the red carpet at a star-studded Jay-Z concert. I covered the phones when the executive assistant took her lunch.” This sounds about like our internship experience as well. The second part, that is.

Not long ago, we interviewed for an internship at the music mag. We also noticed a few differences from the show:

  • Jann Wenner does not call you; an editorial assistant does.
  • When you’re interviewed on the phone, you are not drunk, as intern Pete is. Instead, you are terrified.
  • When you get the job…actually we wouldn’t know. We got rejected.
  • The unreal world [StarTelegram.com]

    —Noah Davis