Jamster Lists Top Valentine’s Content

Fox Mobile Distribution is feeling the love this Valentine’s Day and sharing the most popular love-themed mobile content downloads from its Jamster service.

Cupids who want to get their beloved or secret crush a little something might pick up some tips from Jamster’s top Valentine-themed wallpapers, ringtones games.

If the lists don’t help, there’s an SMS game from Armor available through Jamster that suggests romantic messages that you can personalize for your loved one.

Jamster’s Top 10 lists are after the jump.

Popular Love Related Wallpapers

1. Diamond Kiss
2. Royal
3. Heart Fireworks
4. Cherry Rose
5. Your 2 Names: Heart Rose
6. Your 2 Names: Heart
7. Devilishly Delicious
8. Your 2 Names: Heart in Tree
9. A Flirt
10. 2 Names: 2 Friends

Popular Love Related Real Tones

1. Heartless — Kanye West
2. Kiss Me Thru The Phone – Soulja Boy Tell’em
3. Love Story — Taylor Swift
4. Hot N Cold — Katy Perry
5. Beautiful — Akon
6. Addicted — Saving Abel
7. Love Lockdown — Kanye West
8. Soulja Girl — Soulja Boy Tell’em
9. Turning Me On — Keri Hilson feat. Lil Wayne
10. I Wanna Love You – Akon

Popular Love Related Games

1. Love Tests
2. My Lovesigns
3. Love Test
4. Dating Valentine
5. Dream Day Wedding
6. Sweet Hearts
7. Schnuffel
8. Romantic Moments
9. Romeo & Juliet
10. Hollywood Hospital

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