Jameson Gets Into the Movie Business, Goes Viral

We watched the wacky short film “The Ventriloquist” starring Kevin Spacey a few days ago. So you can count us among the 1.4 million who helped put it on the top viral list for the week.

The film — about a ventriloquist (Spacey), his out-of-control dummy, and their sad hijinks — is part of Jameson First Shot, a short film competition that took place in the U.S., Russia, and South Africa. The winners were announced and the films made, each starring the Oscar-winning actor.

The films make no mention of Jameson or its mascot John Jameson, something we’ve seen in other brand-backed video, like the recent Prada clip. These videos are powerful and entertaining enough, however, to drive people to share them.

For James, they get the promotional benefits of a competition that features its brand and a branded YouTube page with information about the whiskey. And the artistic association is a very good thing.

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