James Franco Tweeting Oscar Secrets Before The Show

Actor and Oscar host James Franco gives fans a sneak peek at Sunday night's events via Twitter

If you’re not already following actor James Franco on Twitter, you’re missing out.

The celebrity and Oscar host is tweeting previews of Sunday night’s events to come, updating fans with sneak-peek videos and pictures documenting his rehearsal for the already highly anticipated evening.

Franco tweeted a three-minute sound clip of himself performing a song from Burlesque as well as a short video of himself and co-host Anne Hathaway rehearsing a scene from Greece. He also linked his Twitter account to his main webpage, where fans can browse Oscar prep pictures, including a picture of Franco on the main stage at the Kodak Theater staring out into an empty audience.

Franco welcomed himself to the Twitter world on February 18th, tweeting “Hi everybody, here I am on Twitter. This is my first tweet…”. Since then, @JamesFranco has gained close to 200,000 followers with only thirty-one tweets.

Despite his growing following, @JamesFranco is only following a handful of Hollywood big names on Twiiter, including Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks, Steve Martin and Kevin Spacey.

While Oscar events are supposed to be kept top-secret in order to build more hype and anticipation for the event, the Franco-Hathaway lineup has already been discovered (Spoiler Alert! Don’t read on if you want to be surprised on Sunday night): According to the Washington Post’s Celebritology, an online site dedicated to celebrity gossip, the duo will open the show with pre-filmed Billy Crystal-inspired sketches set in scenes from this year’s ten best picture nominees. Then the two collaborate in a series of “look back” sketches from the history of the Oscar’s, including a Gone WIth the Wind bit and a Lord of the Rings sketch.

Apparently, Franco and Hathaway make at least five costume changes throughout the evening, and have speaking parts staged in unconventional places throughout the theatre. The Oscars airs tonight on ABC at 8:00 Eastern Standard Time.