James Bridle Wants Publishers To Remember The Experience Of Reading

AT TOC this afternoon, James Bridle, Creator of booktwo.org, spoke about the wealth of experience that paper books bring to readers, that haven’t been figured out yet for eBooks.

“People are obsessed with physicality of the book,” said Bridle. “The paper book fulfills certain qualities in our lives, temporal qualities.”

Pointing out things like book marks, page turning, writing our names in a book, and the souvenir quality of decorating our homes with books we have read, Bridle said that publishers have to get creative and help evolve eBooks to have these qualities.

Bridle recommends sharing and offering social reading experiences. “Sharing becomes a form of distributed memory,” said Bridle. “It starts to help us remember the things we want to remember when we lose the print book.”

He said that learning from data can help. “Data are stories too. You can pull great things out of that.”