Jalen Rose on Athletes’ Use of Social Media in 2010

JalenRose.jpgESPN National Basketball Association analyst, 13-year NBA player and member of Michigan’s “Fab Five” Jalen Rose shared his predictions for “What 2010 Holds for Athletes on Social Media” with Mashable, and a brief summary follows.

Athletes will embrace new and creative outlets and platforms to connect with fans: Rose specifically mentioned Ustream, which he said more athletes are using to connect with fans.

Social-media numbers may become a part of contract negotiations: Rose points out how athletes are expanding their brands by using social-media sites.

Teams and management will increase content restrictions for athletes: As Rose points out, we’ve already seen examples of this.

Social media will become an integral part in the philanthropic endeavors of athletes: Rose believes more athletes will use social-media sites to encourage fans to donate to their foundations or charities.

More involvement from retired athletes: Rose believes more retired athletes will use social media to stay connected with their fans.