It’s Just So Heartwarming When You Remember Meeting Them And Then You See Their Furniture For Sale


Earlier this year, someone, for some reason, paid us to go to a party and make nice with a bunch of Dutch kids from the Design Academy Eindhoven. We hadn’t really thought about them since then, except to fondly remember their sheer excitement at being in New York City, having a party thrown for them in a space that we heard had something, however vague, to do with Donna Karan. And then here we were today, drifting around the interwebs, when we came across (via Coolhunting) two of our very favorite pieces from the show. Which are now actually being manufactured. “How to Plant a Fence” by Joep Verhoeven, and “Industrialized Wood” by Jeroen (yes relation) Verhoeven. The first is a re-thinking of a chainlink fence, the wires pulled together, while the second is a table manufactured out of a ship-milling C+C machine, something we remember architects being obsessed with even back when we were just total pains in our studio professors’ realities.

For real, both of them are awesome because there’s absolutely no easy way (for us) to tell how they were made. Which for us, scientific-minded empiricists that we are, is more than enough to make us have to go for a walk.