It’s Holiday Season and Facebook Wants You To Friend Your Family

In a move that might make some teenage and young adult Facebook users shudder, the service has started asking users to “Invite your family to Facebook.” Starting last week, from what we’ve seen, Facebook has included a notice at the top of some users’ home pages reminding them that “Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with family. Invite your relatives today and start sharing photos, messages, and videos with them!”


If you decide you do in fact want to invite your family, click on the “Invite Family” button and you’ll be taken to Facebook’s contact importer so you can email relatives or find their contact info on other services.

The timing of this notice is also interesting, as it appears to come right around the holidays, when millions of Facebook users are visiting family members in real life (and probably also logging on to Facebook to stay in touch with other friends, play social games, etc.).

And while younger Facebook demographics might not be too excited about sharing things like party pictures with Mom, it is important to note that so many different groups of people are now on Facebook that there are no doubt millions of users who are looking to connect with family on the site. Take, for example, the guy who recently got married and updated his Facebook relationship status to “Married” while still at the altar. One reason he did this, he said, was that his family is spread around the US, and many of them originally found out about his engagement through the service.

Overall, as we saw in our recent report on US Facebook demographics for November, is that Facebook continues to grow among all age groups; while last month saw the biggest surges among young men, other groups — like women aged 55 to 65, also continued to quickly grow.