It’s Good For the Gays–Ehrenstein Does the Math

FBLA’s own candidate for Uncle Mame, David Ehrenstein has an op-ed in today LA Times in which he argues that gay rights are a one step forward-one step back, slide, turn sort of thing (we tried to do this, as a sort of tribute to Peter Allen). He riffs on a Seinfeld trope:

Seinfeld fans doubtless recall the 1994 episode when Jerry, in contrast to the ever-roiling fortunes of George, Elaine and Kramer, finds that everything works out “even” for him. If he loses one job, he’s sure to get another. If he breaks up with a girlfriend, he’ll quickly find a replacement. So it is with gay marriage in the U.S.–even as we lose ground politically, cultural acceptance continues to accelerate.

For a short piece, he gets in a lot of gayness: Judy Garland, Rosie O’Donnell, Ian McKellan, David Geffen and Aladdin. Ehrenstein is known for his wit, and while his arguments are sound, FBLA wonders if the Times convince him to soften his usual caustic style.

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