It IS Possible To Turn Off Promoted Tweets In Your Timeline – For Now

Some people aren’t too happy with Promoted Tweets in their HootSuite timeline. Although we think that the Promoted Tweets are pretty user-friendly, there is a way to turn them off if you so choose. We don’t know how long this option will be available, and whether it will carry over to TweetDeck when Promoted Tweets are launched over there next month, but it is possible on HootSuite, for now.

It’s a simple trick, but with a single un-check you can be rid of Promoted Tweets in your timeline. Before you do this, note that it will not remove Promoted Trends or Promoted Tweets in search results on This trick only works for free HootSuite accounts, as far as I know.

Step One: Navigate over to the little HootSuite owl at the top left of your dashboard. Click him, hover your mouse over “Settings” in the dropdown menu, and then click on “Preferences”.

Step Two: In the “General” tab of your “Preferences” window, un-check the box beside “Show Promoted Tweets”

Step Three: Enjoy it while it lasts!

I assume that this feature is only available on the free version of HootSuite, but if someone with the paid version knows otherwise, I’d love to hear about it!

And, you can be pretty sure that this freedom from Promoted Tweets won’t last forever. They’re still in their very early, testing phase. When they roll out onto other third-party platforms and at, they’ll likely be here to stay.