iStroll Kid Tricks Out Strollers With iPads

For parents looking to entertain their children while they are out and about, a company called Lightstorm Development has a new tool called the iStroll Kid. Essentially it’s an iPad holder that attaches to strollers, so that kids can play with apps while their parents are out running errands.

Here is more from the iStroll Kid website: “While your child is busy watching a video or interacting with a educational app, parents are free to run errands, shop, go for a walk, whatever. Meanwhile, your little one stays entertained or educated or both, for up to 10 hours (but please, don’t leave your child in the stroller for that long. That’s just cruel.)

For those readers who aren’t opposed to apps for kids, the company is currently testing out prototypes. While you can’t yet buy them, there is an order button on the site, suggesting that this is coming soon.