Issuu Mobile for Android Magazine/Newspaper Reader

I received a press release recently telling me that…

Issuu Mobile for Android now available!

…and that: Issuu Mobile is here […] including millions of free magazines, books and newspapers, is now available as a free beta app on any Android-powered device. My anti-individual-book-in-an-app feeling also extends to individual magazine apps now (though I give magazines more leeway than ebooks). So, I pointed my Droid’s browser at…

…and downloaded and installed the free beta release app. I ran into a couple of issues with the app:

– I think is saw dozens of publications (not millions)
– I didn’t see any publications that interested me
– After downloading a few to test, I found that were not “zoomable” using a double tap despite the fact that I saw text on a page. This is probably because the pages were scanned as pure images
– Navigation was not fluid and intuitive. I expect navigation at least as good as Kindle for iPhone or Polar Mobile’s various magazine-in-a-single app for the iPhone

The main problem is lack of content of interest to me. You might find something you like though. And, this beta release is currently free. So, it doesn’t cost you anything to try it out for yourself.