Israelis And Friends Ask Facebook To Pull Intifada Page

Israeli sympathizers are asking Facebook to pull a page calling for a third intifada against Israel beginning this May 5.

We’re very disturbed by a Facebook page calling for a third intifada against Israel to begin this May 5.

We reported the page to Facebook in almost the same communique in which we asked for comment about whether the site will respond to a flood of complaints about this subsite created by militant extremists.
Our query to the social network didn’t include whether the fact that the site’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg was born Jewish (so are we), and whether that might influence any decision on what to do about the intifada page.
We felt conflicted even writing this post because we didn’t want to draw attention to the intifada movement, but hope and pray that Israel’s Mossad might derive helpful defensive information from the page.
We suspect efforts to avoid any appearance of biases might make it even harder for Facebook to decide what to do the continued stream of people clicking “report this page.”
A spokesperson for Facebook replied via email:

We take our statement of rights and responsibilities very seriously and react quickly to reports of inappropriate content and behavior. Specifically, we’re sensitive to content that includes pornography, harassment of private individuals, direct statements of hate against protected groups of people, and actionable threats of violence. The goal of these policies is to strike a very delicate balance between giving people the freedom to express their opinions and viewpoints — even those that may be controversial to some — and maintaining a safe and trusted environment.
Facebook is highly self-regulating. We provide report links on nearly every page and encourage people to let us know when they see something they think might violate our standards. Our team of investigators review and take action on reported content according to our policies.

The intifada page not only remains on the site, but has amassed 172,480 fans who some might describe as anti-semitic.
Numerous other uprisings in the region planned via Facebook have some political experts saying that Israel might already be endangered by the new governments forming in all the surrounding countries. That means a page calling for an intifada against Israel isn’t necessarily an isolated phenomenon, even though the Prime Minister of Palestine appears to have a much more peaceful attitude than the militant elements.
Readers, what do you think about this page remaining on Facebook?