Isn’t It Time You Fall Clean Your Twitter Feed?

I know, I know. You’ve got to go through your email, clean up the living room before company arrives and then there’s the matter of that stack of receipts you should really sort for taxes… but I promise it won’t take too long to clean up your twitter feed by using any of the following tools.

To really get the most out of your fall cleaning, remove people that are no longer on twitter and unfollow those who only talk about how much they love to shop or recount every moment of their day (“I am going to pick up lunch now, then I’m hitting the gym. Be back in an hour.”).

Here’s how:

1.  Use Nest Unclutter to control both the people you’re following that are following you. Once you allow it access to your twitter account, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can block users who have too many followers. How many is too many? You decide and type it in. It will take it from there. You can also unfollow anyone who hasn’t tweeted within a certain time (probably a spammer, a celebrity who abandoned twitter soon after they joined or a friend who is merely lazy). That certain time is also up to you.

2. There are so many things to do when it comes to cleaning out your Twitter feed. Social Oomph takes care of a ton of it. Want to purge your DM inbox? Done. Need to delete your scheduled status updates in bulk? Taken care of. Now if it would only take care of that sink full of dishes…

3. Spam on twitter is becoming pretty prevalent. Some are easy to spot, but chances are, a bunch are probably getting past your radar. Twit Sweeper scans your followers for spam and constantly goes through your feed. You can also have it automatically remove the spammers or notify you so that you can do it yourself. This is a paid service, though there is a free trial.

4. Manage Filter takes an Uzi to your account, blasting out those who aren’t following you back, showing you those with no profile image and inactive accounts. It will also show you the number of people you’re following who tweet more than 5 times a day. This allows you to give your entire feed a complete makeover!

5. When I’m teaching people how to use twitter, the first thing people notice in a feed is swear words. How can you be following someone who writes like that, they’ll ask? Well, with Tidy Tweet, you get “custom bad word filtering” so if there are words that you don’t want to be confronted with, you can ban them from your feed. You have to register for this service and it’s $10 a month per feed, but if you never want to see $#@! or s**** via twitter, it’s worth it.


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