iSlate An eReader, Not a Tablet PC?


There’s a bit of buzz on Twitter about this post from QuickPWN, which says that the iSlate will indeed not be a tablet PC but an eReader device. Huh?

Here’s more from QuickPWN: “Our sources have told us that the rumor about Apple launching a product with the iSlate name is true, but the product won’t be an Apple tablet, it will be an eBook reader. The iSlate will be a competitor to the Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and other e-readers that are out there. Our sources have also told us that the iSlate eBook reader will run on Apple’s upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 software and will include a seperate App Store for eBooks.”

Does this make any sense? Didn’t Jobs himself say that nobody reads anymore? Do we need another dedicated eReader? And if a dedicated eReader, why not call it “iBrary.” That would be like an iPhone that just makes phone calls. First the dumb name and now this. Double ugh.