ISA 2011: Fireside Chat with Google’s Eric Chu on the 2011 Android Social Roadmap [Video]

With a flood of devices, Android quickly emerged over the last year as a mobile platform to take seriously, alongside iOS. This year may be one when it becomes the top priority for many developers. What’s on Android’s roadmap that will help it become a robust environment for developers to create, distribute and monetize their work?

Android brings Google closer to its future on mobile devices. But how will it iron out the kinks with payments, in-app purchases and discovery that are holding developers back? How does the company’s big social effort fit into its mobile strategy? And how will it cope with the risks of openness as partners and rivals use and fragment the OS in unexpected ways?

Eric Chu, Group Manager for Android Platform, joined Kim-Mai Cutler of Inside Mobile Apps to discuss Google’s mobile vision and its biggest challenges in 2011. View the full panel below.

ISA 2011: Fireside Chat with Google’s Eric Chu on Android’s 2011 Social Roadmap from Inside Network on Vimeo. To download an mp3 version of this talk, please email us at info (at) insidesocialapps (dot) com.

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