Is the Zune Dead?

This rumor is still unconfirmed, but Business Insider is reporting that Microsoft has decided to discontinue its media player, the Zune.

As the story goes, MS is planning to focus all their development teams on Windows Phone 7. Also, Microsoft will continue to sell existing models of the Zune, but will not introduce new ones.

The Zune never achieved the success of the iPhone and iTouch, so it was never able to attract t the development community that grew up around iOS. But it did eventually get an official reading app. Unfortunately for Microsoft, that reading app epitomized the many shortcomings of the Zune.

Zune Reader was released back in February with no announcement or support pages, and the app was buried in the nearly impossible to use Zune Marketplace. I only happened across the app by accident, and I had a great deal of trouble finding any information at all.

But that’s not the worst part. The Zune Reader is dependent on the free eBook website Feedbooks, and Microsoft didn’t ask first. Yes, it’s Blio all over again.  The Zune should not be mourned; Microsoft didn’t care and you shouldn’t either.