Is The Tribune Co. Working on a Tablet?

Newspapers have pioneered new printing tech as a way to reach more customers, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they will also innovate in tablets. CNN is reporting that it’s seen credible evidence that the Tribune Co., one of the largest newspaper conglomerates in the US, is quietly working on a tablet.

The tablet is rumored to run Android, and it’s going to prominently feature the local newspaper (assuming it’s owned by Tribune Co). the tablet supposed to be sold at a highly discounted price (possibly even free) as part of an extended subscription plan.

It was supposed to start testing in mid August, but according to CNN’s sources the tablet has fallen behind schedule. To be honest, it’s not clear that the tablet even exists, much less that it will hit the market.

A subsidized tablet makes a lot of sense for a newspaper company, which is why Philly based Philadelphia Inquirer is also working on one. But when it comes to newspapers, The Tribune Co. is a special case. It’s still struggling to get out of bankruptcy after a number of disastrous business decisions. There might be better places to invest spare  funds than in this tablet project.

image by afagen