Is the T-Mobile 3G Network Itself Partly to Blame for Nexus One Data Woes?

The Nexus One’s Android OS 2.1-Update1 added system-wide multi-touch pinch-to-zoom. But, some people still think there is something flaky with its 3G connectivity as Engadget notes here…

Nexus One 3G problems persist after update — is it a design problem?

Although I don’t doubt the findings described and the associated video demo, I wonder if there is some problem with T-Mobile’s 3G network too. I’ve been using my Nexus One as a SIM-less (no phone card) mini-web/mail-pad. So, I can’t say much about its 3G issues before or after the update. However, I use an HTC Touch Pro2 as my main voice phone on the T-Mobile network. And, I had an odd network problem yesterday. I noticed that the data indicator was set to “G” yesterday afternoon. It would normally show “3G” in the area I happened to be in. This indicates, of course, a 3G signal. The “E” wireless data symbol shows up in a lot of places here too since T-Mobile’s 3G corridor is still relatively small here. “E” indicates a slower EDGE network connection. The “G” status symbol indicates the evern older and slower GPRS data network was in use. I had to perform a soft reset to get 3G data working again with the TP2.