Is Social Business Defined by Shared Value? [Infographic]

What does it mean to have a ‘social business’?  The term is thrown around more than a hot potato these days and nobody can seem to pinpoint its definition.  Does it mean a traditional business who engages in social media?  Does it mean a business that earns revenue using social media?  Does it mean a company that builds social media tools/networks?  The people over at Global Dawn wanted to sort it out, and came up with this sweet infographic to solve the case.

They broke down the businesses of the last thirty years into three streams, technology, marketing and social and tracked the major social innovations made in each category for a variety of companies from Microsoft to Napster to Apple.  It’s a fascinating look that culminates in the conclusion that what’s most important about a social business is that it generates ‘shared value’.  Read on to see what they mean.