Is Nick Denton ‘Fake Steve Jobs’?

denton_061407.jpgIs this man Fake Steve Jobs?

Everyone loves Fake Steve Jobs. The satirical blog of a tongue-in-cheek Steve Jobs has been getting lots of media mentions lately. It’s so widely read in the tech nerd world that Fake Steve Jobs made #41 on Business 2.0‘s “Who matters now?” list. Fake Steve Jobs’ anonymous author even signed a real book deal with Da Capo Press.

But who is Fake Steve Jobs?

A reporter for The Guardian suspects that it is Nick Denton. The Gawker Media founder has a yen for both publicity stunts and Silicon Valley, after all. Tech blogger Ashkan Karbasfrooshan noted an extremely homophobic Fake Steve Jobs post about Denton.

“Yet … while FSJ has been particularly harsh about everything and everyone, I was really surprised how FSJ described Denton in this post. Who uses the term sodomite, anyway? That’s something [blatant/ignorant stereotype around the corner] that a gay guy might say to another gay guy, but most straight guys would not go there, especially if they’re

a) in the media business and
b) the target of their slur is actually helping create media buzz for them.

That’s something, maybe/I think that Denton would say about Denton posing as FSJ.”

Alternate speculation: That New York magazine’s John Heilemann might be FSJ or (Gawker Media’s call)‘s Leander Kahney. Kahney, though, denied it.