Is Michael Vick’s Image Rehab Complete?

NFL lives to play another day, and so does gifted quarterback and convicted dogfighter Michael Vick. It looks now like Vick’s PR moves are from the right playbook. He’s done what all public figures do at the end of a long ordeal: a long-form interview with a glossy magazine to hone the details of their narrative.

In an upcoming a profile in GQ by Will Leitch, Vick not onlygets to tell his story but explain that he actually had other options besides the Philadelphia Eagles when returning to football after federal prison. He does credit the Eagles, however, with making him a much better player.

With the exception of a hiccup involving birthday cake, Vick has advanced down the field of reputation recovery rather well.  He won the player-nominated Ed Block Courage Award in 2009, and has stayed out of trouble while making some insane plays on the field. Joining the Eagles at third string QB with a small salary set the stage perfectly.

Look for more of the same from Vick this season.  If it all works out, he’ll be at the head of the parade in Philadelphia after the Super Bowl, and then probably on a talk show in July after his probation is up–with a dog in tow.  He’s not allowed to own one until then.