Is Kevin Roderick Calling the Shots at Manhattan Project?


This is getting eerie–either Kevin Roderick has a direct line to the Powers That Be, or else the LA Times staff reads his blog like ancient priests read entrails of birds.

The Manhattan Project now has added Michalene Busico, who ran the Food section, before it became an in-flight magazine bound for nowhere, Richard Rushfield, who had his finger firmly on the pulse of LonelyGirl15, columist Patrick Goldstein, who’s best known for being banned by Sony , Aaron Curtiss, who’s been with the paper since 1988 (so he can remember when people read it) and a newbie, Marilyn Thompson, who’s based in DC.

But even with this august body, K-Rod has misgivings, as well as advice:

I can’t remember a single big newsroom committee that ever truly delivered the goods, even those I sat on, and this one has a tall order. …Perhaps a more useful idea would have been to convene a panel of Los Angeles thinkers, creative types and ordinary people and ask them how they want their news. Really ask them, and listen to the painful answers.

FBLA is ready to serve.

(photo by Edward Fuentes)