Is Greg Gutfeld Really A 9 Year Old Boy and Does The Huffington Post Know?


Resume building starts earlier and earlier. Over at the Huffington Post, the 10 year-old daughter of two Washington media insiders give readers a child’s eye view of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Here’s the part Dorothy Parker would like:

I was glad I had skipped school that day to go with my mother on a reporting trip on people who could make the world better.

Greg Gutfeld, professional scamp, seems to have a nephew with journalistic ambitions as well. And his lone commenter seems to understand the situation:

it seems clear that HuffPo is attempting to kill you off via asphyxiation. By keeping you off the front page, no one will read you or link to you, and they hope you will eventually get bored and quit posting.

FBLA hopes there’s a logical reason for Gutfeld’s lack of popularity at the HuffPost.