Is Facebook Connect the Future of E-Commerce?

Jesse Pickard and Shiv Singh over at Avenue A | Razorfish have put together a presentation which highlights the future of Facebook Connect as integrated with e-retailers. The presentation highlights the potential for targeting influencers based on the number of friends they have, something I previously speculated about back in March. Another item they highlight is the potential for targeting product advertisements based on the interests listed in your profile.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if people keep their real interests up to date. I for instance have “Gummy Bears” listed as my interests (they are seriously really good). The presentation also shows the potential for integrating friend lists directly into product description pages. Much of what Jesse and Shiv highlight in the presentation has been discussed widely and some of it has actually been implemented.

For instance both SGN and Zynga have launched Facebook Connect integration into their iPhone applications. The idea of social shopping has been around for a while but many are hoping that Facebook Connect will increase the momentum in the social shopping space. While it’s a great idea, I’m not sure that other services are willing to leverage Facebook Connect for shopping purposes.

While Amazon integrated with the failed Beacon service, I’m not quite sure that iTunes or other sites will want to rely on Facebook for their social graph. Additionally, companies like iLike already offer these service but we could soon find out that many of these other services were simply offering an existing service with the combination of “social”.

Facebook Connect ultimately makes social a feature though, not a competitive advantage. As such, this will provide many with the incentive to integrate once Connect has reached critical mass. For now, I’d assume that many large e-commerce services will be a bit hesitant to integrate. Do you think Facebook Connect will be successful at attracting e-commerce partners?

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