"Is" Changes Get Delayed

Last week I pointed out that Facebook would soon be removing “Is” from their status updates. Well it appears as though that change has been a more significant undertaking then expected. Ari Steinberg, lead developer on the Facebook platform, posted a comment in Facebook’s bug system, “yeah, sorry about the confusion, this plan got kind of messed up and so currently the functionality isn’t enabled. we’ll post to the dev feed when it’s back up.”

The changes still haven’t been made and I have had a number of developers emailing me about issues they have had with their application’s access to the Facebook status. One of the developers has since updated the Facebook developer wiki. Is this really that big of an undertaking? I guess the real challenge for Facebook is making the “is” option rather than removing it completely.

I asked if “is” would soon become a throwback but the response was varied. Is “is” really news? Probably not but I definitely enjoy talking about it. Mike Arrington seems to agree that this isn’t news. Are you eager for Facebook to ditch the “is”?