Is Al Jazeera The New Nightline?

Former Nightliner Dave Marash, the new face of Al Jazeera in the United States, is certainly getting some earned media for his new employer. He talked yesterday with our cousin FishbowlNY about his new job and his approach to the network–and it’s clear from his answers that he thinks that Nightline’s approach to serious, thoughtful reporting is being taken up by the Arab network.

“I’m not shamed or troubled by being a Jew working for a company I believe spreads values across the Middle East that lead to peace and understanding, values I have always tried to reflect in my own work,” Marash said.

“My challenge is simple: the lower your expectations, the worse your assumptions about what Al-Jazeera international will be, the more your obligation to check it out. I welcome tough scrutiny, once we begin, probably late in May. I think it will be rewarded on both sides, by people surprised at how thorough and interesting a serious newschannel can be, and by my bosses, surprised at how large an audience there is for this kind of real news.”

Full interview here.