Is a Wall Street Journal Affiliate Cutting-and-Pasting New York Times Articles?


This is more Fishbowl than PRNewser though it may warrant a bit of damage control on the part of Dow Jones.

A Poynter Forum post (via Jossip) from Patricia Kranz, Deputy Sunday Business Editor of The New York Times points out that site run by the Hindustan Times (HT) is lifting full stories without credit or hyperlinks.

The site is HT Media’s LiveMint, the new national business paper of India.

Check out the description of LiveMint on HT’s About Us page:

HT Media has also launched a national business newspaper, Mint, with an exclusive agreement with Wall Street Journal to publish Journal branded news and information in India.

Here’s the example cited in Poynter, Janet Rae-Dupree’s “Improv Wisdom” story. Compare it to the original in the Times from March 1. No link, no credit, bad copyright situation.