Iriver to Debut New eReader at CES 2012

CES 2012, one of the world’s largest gadget shows, is just over a month away and gadget makers are just starting to leak interesting details and build the buzz for their new gadgets.

I got an email today from a PR rep with iriver, the South Korean manufacturer. They’re not ready to leak specific details yet, but I do know that they’re going to have several new gadgets on display, and one will be their new eBook reader. I couldn’t get the product name, unfortunately, but I’m still excited.

iriver has been making ebook readers for a couple years years now. They launched their first model, the iriver Story, in 2009. It was the centerpiece of their booth at CES 2010. iriver then followed up the Story with the iriver Cover Story, which launched in Europe in 2010, and then the iriver Story HD, which launched in the US and Europe in 2011.

The iriver Story HD uses a unique high resolution E-ink screen which offers the sharpest reading experience of any eReader. But it was also rather lacking in software, and it did not have much success on the US market. Its most notable feature, aside from the screen, was that it used the Google eBookstore.