Irish pub using only Snapchat to seek potential job applicants

snapchat sober lane

Perhaps it’s time to heap some affections onto the temporary messaging app Snapchat. After all, some lucky bartenders might use it to find an ideal job at a pub.

The pub is called Sober Lane, a Dublin bar opening in July, whilst making an offer some job seekers might not be able to refuse. The pub’s owner, Ernest Cantillion has received no fewer than 2,000 messages regarding the job openings since announcing it publicly via Twitter. Literally, “Make an impression if you want a profession.”

Cantillion had not expected the huge popularity of the propositions. He enjoyed the app because it helps him to assess candidates really quickly, but that hasn’t prevented him from also noticing criticisms of the method, which is more discriminatory than the traditional process.

He said, “What I want to know is how many plates you can carry and if you can entertain a customer. Those are all things you can get across in a Snapchat.”

Some of the more creative applicants have sent things like a video of a bartender preparing a cocktail, a chef making lunch, and even magic tricks and costumes. He’s looking to hire about 20, so if you can carry a stack of plates, all you need to do is use your Snapchat skills.