iPod: No boy toy

A new report shows that it’s women who are driving the increase in digital music sales.

Per the BBC,

“More than three quarters of women aged 16-45 in the UK now own an MP3 player or mobile phone that plays MP3s, research by media group Emap found.”

Naturally, with illuminating news like this, is Microsoft aiming its new jukebox at women? Of course not.

Why? As CNET explains,

“Remember the digital market represents only 5 percent of the total market,” said Geoff Harris, product unit manager for Windows Media Player, “That means that 95 percent are still buying in traditional means. At the end of the day, this (segment) is still in its infancy.”

Maybe so, but it’s an infancy that won’t last terribly long. Another new report suggests that iTunes’ business will double in four years, to $15 billion by 2010. This despite the fact that you never really own anything you “buy” on iTunes.

Maybe it is time you got the Urge to start courting the ladies, Mr. Ballmer.