IPO Market Roundup: 10 Social Media Sector Companies to Watch

It doesn't matter that we're coming up on the end of Q4. There's A LOT happening in the social media IPO market right now! Check out these 10 companies:

Groupon, Angie’s List, Pandora, Zillow, LinkedIn … it’s been an interesting year for social media IPOs so far. And, there are more on the way. Zynga is set to go public in the next two weeks, and there are plenty of other interesting companies with hefty bank accounts thanks to venture capital investment. Hey, there are lots of social media and internet companies that have already filed their IPO paperwork. It can be hard to keep track sometimes! So, let’s take a look at 10 of the most interesting objects of IPO speculation:

1. Zynga: the social gaming leader is the next social media IPO in the pipeline. The company is doing its IPO roadshow this week and is rumored to have an IPO date of December 15, 2011. But, the numbers keep looking uglier. The latest is that the capital raise, of around $1 billion, will come at a valuation of only $9 billion.

2. Kayak: Kayak is a tool you can use to search for cheap travel options across a wide range of online travel agencies and other travel websites. The company filed for its IPO a year ago but still hasn’t pulled the trigger, largely due to market conditions. It’s most recent S-1 update shows positive results, but the CEO says the company doesn’t have to go public (i.e., for the capital it needs to operate). This follows mixed messages from the CEO and the CMO.

3. Yelp: letting people vent about awful consumer experiences is a great business, it seems. The user-generated review site is looking to raise $100 million by going public, but there are few other details so far. Rumor has it the IPO valuation could be as high as $2 billion.

4. LivingSocial: once thought to be on the road to an IPO, right behind competitor Groupon, LivingSocial has effectively pulled out of the process, opting instead to raise another $200 million in venture capital money. The deal comes with an implied valuation of $5 billion.

5. Gilt Groupe: this year has been a good one for online consumer business companies (even Groupon and Angie’s List managed to go public – and let’s not forget about Zillow, HomeAway and Pandora). According to Kevin Ryan, Gilt’s CEO, the company is looking to go public in 2013.

6. Twitter: market-wide speculation has the microblogging site nailing its IPO in 2013, as well. With only $140 million in revenue forecasted for this year – despite an implied valuation of $8 billion in its last venture capital round – this makes sense. Twitter would benefit from time to keep picking up new advertisers and launch its self-service model.

7. ExactTarget: the email and social media marketing platform filed last week to for an IPO that would raise $100 million. Details are still thin, but it’s worth keeping in mind that ExactTarget, though not profitable, has a strong growth plan in place. Capital used to fuel expansion could be what it needs to go the distance.

8. Glam Media: CEO Samir Arora wouldn’t say at Business Insider IGNITION 2011 last week when he plans to take Glam Media public. The recent hire of an IPO-ready CFO, however, indicates that discussions must be in the works.

9. Jive Software: briefly rumored to be an SAP takeover target, the B2B social media software company has filed to raise $117 million in its IPO. It isn’t profitable yet, but Jive Software is optimistic enough to pursue a valuation of above $500 million (half the level of earlier speculation about the company). Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital and the cofounders stand to get richest.

10. Facebook: no social media IPO list would be complete without Facebook, right? The latest rumor is that the company is going to file in April and go public in September. The goal, it seems, is to raise $10 billion in capital on a $100 billion valuation. But, there’s been no shortage of rumors about the Facebook IPO for a long time now …