iPhone: Talking Carl,Tom, Hippo, Hedgehog, Larry, Fred. How Many Talking Apps Do We Really Need?

Video courtesy of awyseapps

How many talking (really “echoing”) avatar type apps do we really need for the iPhone and iPad? I don’t know. But, the number keeps growing. It all started with the amusing 99 cent Talking Carl for the iPhone. The little plastic block looking critter repeated any sound it heard in a high pitched voice (think “helium” talk) and amused kids and adults alike. The, came along the equally amusing and free Talking Tom (a cat) that spawned a whole category of talking/echoing critters: Talking Harry the Hedgehog, Talking Baby Hippo, and Tallking Larry the Bird (I think retired NBA great Larry Bird should at least be acknowledged someone in this app). All this came to mind because I noted the new Talking Fred which looks like a PG-13 version of the various talking/echoing apps we’ve seen so far. The app comes from the developer of the G-rated looking Talk with Chippy. Talking Fred seems to have a number of adjustable parameters not found in the other “talking” apps. But, I’m passing on this one.

Like the “fart” apps that that took the iPhone world by storm in late 2008, I think we have reached the point of too many “talking” apps.