iPhone Leads This Week’s List of the 20 Facebook Apps that Gained the Most Daily Active Users

Last year’s apps made a comeback in the wake of declining Christmas apps on this week’s list of the top 20 apps that gained the most daily active users in the week ending December 29, according to AppData.

First place, Facebook for iPhone is an older app but is also a first-party app put out by Facebook. It has the highest DAU of any app on the list at 10.9 million; hasn’t been in the top five in over a month and a half. This is almost certainly due to a lot of people getting the iPhone and iPod Touch for Christmas, then downloading the Facebook app when they started using their new devices.

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1. icon Facebook for iPhone 10,871,557 +1,275,494 +11.73
2. icon Blingee Book 722,109 +718,871 +99.55
3. icon Pillow Fight 1,201,933 +705,334 +58.68
4. icon Mafia Wars 6,054,476 +296,411 +4.90
5. icon Entrevista tus Amigos 593,760 +268,046 +45.14
6. icon Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones 7,059,876 +201,511 +2.85
7. icon Yearbook 317,885 +195,539 +61.51
8. icon Bubble Popp 275,581 +154,437 +56.04
9. icon Happy Island 1,447,647 +136,706 +9.44
10. icon My Year In Photos 247,779 +132,634 +53.53
11. icon Happy New Year 2010 by Kari 124,569 +124,335 +99.81
12. icon Ninja Saga 382,658 +96,945 +25.33
13. icon Country Life 1,607,873 +94,607 +5.88
14. icon Mobile 5,589,943 +82,371 +1.47
15. icon Zoosk 573,662 +67,905 +11.84
16. icon 歡樂癲地 Funland 97,406 +62,903 +64.58
17. icon Happy Aquarium Community 93,566 +62,147 +66.42
18. icon 開心農場 2,659,287 +53,530 +2.01
19. icon Texas HoldEm Poker 4,938,461 +37,524 +0.76
20. icon Mignon & Sexy ? 34,326 +32,722 +95.33

New Years have pushed custom-card building app Blingee Book to second place, despite not being in the top 20 in two months. Seeing renewed interest after its first year on Facebook, The app saw 4,420 users on Christmas and 341,000 DAU shortly after, growing to 722,000 DAU yesterday. The app was one of two this week to see a 100 percent increase. The other was Happy New Year 2010 by Kari. It’s not clear why both of these apps have shot up so recently and so quickly.

Shikha is seeing their renewing efforts for Pillow Fight pay off. The developer added seasonal awards to the year-old hot-potato-type game and the app has seen a rapid increase in DAU for the past few weeks as a result, rising two spots since last week and gaining 60 percent or 705,000 DAU.

Mafia Wars, one of the first Facebook apps, is back in the top 20 this week after being absent last week. Its gain of 296,000 players this week accounts for five percent of its total DAU, 6.1 million.

Entrevista tus Amigos (“Interview your Friends“) is the highest ranked foreign-language app with 268,000 new players and 594,000 DAU. It is the highest gaining app released this month of any on the top 20. The previous four of the top five were released in 2008. The other foreign language apps this week were 歡樂癲地 Funland and 開心農場

Of the top 20, three apps saw a rise in over 95 percent this week and 11 of the top 20 raised their DAU by 25 percent or more.

Next week should see the final numbers for the year and a potential fresh start for developers and the top 20.