iPhone & iPad Available App Count Around 400,000 Now

AppAdvice reported that sometime in the past few days, the number of apps submitted to the iTunes App Store passed the 500,000 mark and the number of apps available passed 400,000 milestone

Breaking: 400,000 iOS Applications Now Available In The App Store

This is based on data from AppShopper. There is one problem, although a relatively small one, AppShopper includes apps from the recently opened Apple Mac OS X app store for their OS X desktop platform. This accounts for 5076 of the total count. So, if we subtract it out from the current total, there are 396,401 iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad available in the iTunes App Store. The 400,000 iOS app milestore will be reached soon. But, it hasn’t happened quite yet. Of course, it is not clear that my arithmetic is accurate either since AppShopper breaks out iOS apps in a way that doesn’t add up:

Total available iPhone apps = 361,295
Total available iPad apps = 98,037

This adds up to 459,332. AppShopper is probably including Universal apps that can display appropriately on both the iPhone and iPad touch twice in the iPhone category.

Of course, when you reach these kind of counts, a few thousand apps miscounted in either direction is just a percentage point (or two) blip.