iPhone CNBC App Users Read CNBC Content 10 Times More Than Android CNBC App Users

CNBC Mobile (mobile web, iPhone app, Android app) reported their accomplishments for January 2011.

CNBC Digital Sets New Records in January

Here’s a couple of interesting items that I noted:

Page Views
– CNBC Mobile Web: 67 MM page views
– CNBC iPhone App: 47 MM page views
– CNBC Android App: 4.8 MM page views

Given the large number of Android phone sold prior to the January measurement period, I found it odd that Android pages views were one tenth of iPhone pages views. Both apps are free. So, cost is not a factor. Google claims Android phones are selling more units per day than the iPhone. So, even with the iPhone’s head start in the overall market, you would not expect a 1:10 ratio.

Here are a couple of possible reasons I’ll toss out to you for consideration:

1. People who own Android phones are less interested in the news in general (unlikely)
2. People who own Android phones like CNBC much less than people who buy iPhones
3. People who own Android phones prefer to view the mobile web site rather than install an app in their limited app installation space
4. People who own Android phones couldn’t find any apps in the previously awful (but now much better) Android Market