Twitter Updates iPhone, Android Apps With Push Notifications, Expandable Tweets And More

Twitter has released new versions of its popular iPhone and Android apps, which include several major updates, including expandable tweets, Twitter events, the new Twitter search and, for the first time, push notifications.

Twitter outlined the update on their official blog. The push functionality is the biggest change, and users can now receive notifications from people that they follow whenever they send a new Tweet or Retweet.

Thankfully, the settings for this can be edited in the app, on a user-by-user basis. Personally, I can’t think of anything worse than push notifications for Twitter. I’ve never understood why this is a requested feature. It takes seconds to load up any Twitter app and I can’t think of a single account where I have to know about and read each and every tweet they send the very moment that they’re published. Different strokes, etc etc.

As for expandable tweets and some of these other updates… does anyone really care about these features?

You can download the new apps here, should you choose (note that they still haven’t updated the logo – it’s the old bird). I’ll be sticking with Tweetlogix on the iPhone and Tweetbot on the iPad, and I recommend you do the same. Both are infinitely better than the official clients.

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