iPad Week 1: Todd’s Paid App Favorites Plus an Honorable Mention

You saw my list of free iPad app favorites in my previous blog post. I have not bought many apps yet. However, there are a couple under considering right now for weekend purchases. More on these next week. Here, then, are the paid iPad apps that I think are worth considering:

1. Keynote: This $9.99 app is the iPad counterpart to Apple’s desktop presentation software (Apple’s PowerPoint, if you will). It can create, edit, and display slides for presentations of all kinds. It works with an external display or projector too.

2. Numbers: $9.99 adds Apple’s spreadsheet app to your iPad. It can also produce various types of charts and graphs. Its most glaring failing is its inability to export to the Excel file format. However, if you have a Mac, you can bring the file over to Numbers on the Mac for exportation there.

3. Pages: Yes, another $9.99 turned over to Apple gets you the final component of their iPad office suite. Pages is their word processing app

4. WolframAlpha: This $1.99 gem provides access iPad formatted goodness of the WolframAlpha decision engine. The website provides this service for free. But, I think the convenience and special keyboard provided by the iPad (and iPhone) app is worth the $1.99.

Honorable Mention: BugMe! Sticky Notes for iPad: NOTE: Electric Pocket provided an evaluation copy of their 99 cent iPad app. But, I knew about it long before this iPad version. It has been a long time favorite of Palm OS and Windows Mobile users. This informal note taker does not overlap with the very popular Evernote. Think of it as something you jot down just a few words or numbers on and then, perhaps, throw it away. It might have gotten more than an honorable mention if it had the one feature I liked so much in its earlier versions on other mobile platforms: Alarming a note. This feature is coming soon though. So stay tuned. You can read my earlier comments on BugMe here.