iPad and Me: Jonathan Segura

eBookNewser polled a bunch of publishing and book people about yesterday’s Apple iPad announcement. It’s getting mixed responses, but everyone, it seems, has something to say.

Jonathan Segura, novelist and Deputy Reviews Editor of Publishers Weekly notes some of the iPad’s important, if perhaps unintended, features, and isn’t quite sure about iBooks. Here’s what he told eBookNewser:

Come summer, I’m sure we’ll be seeing way more iPads than Kindles on the subway, but I imagine the majority of iPad users won’t be reading on them. Of course, if you could watch porn (or, you know, something from Pixar) on your Kindle, there’d be fewer people reading on those devices, as well.


re: iBooks– Apple’s proven it can sell media, but books are more than a little different from music, TV shows and movies. I’ve tried and failed–repeatedly–at reading ebooks on my iPhone. Maybe the bigger screen will help, but I just don’t know that I’d want to read a 300-page novel on an LCD screen, no matter how pretty the packaging is.