iOS 5 Coming to iPhone & iPad This Fall: Here’s What’s New

Apple focused on just a few of the more than 200 new features that will come with iOS 5 sometime this fall. Of course, most of the other 100 plus new features will be minor ones. So, let’s consider the features discussed the big new things. I’ll break out iCloud and messaging in separate blog items.

Camera: Taking a cue from Microsoft’s Windows Phone, iOS 5 will let you snap a photo without unlocking your phone. This can be done by tapping the on-screen shutter button or, again taking a cue from Microsoft, using the volume up button as a shutter button.

Game Center: Game Center gains the ability to let you post a profile picture, match you up with human opponents for game play and discover and buy new games. There’s no need to go to the App Store to buy games.

Mutltasking Gestures for iPad: Swiping up with four (or five) fingers reveals a multitasking bar. Swipe left or right to switch apps. Pinching returns to the home screen.

Newsstand: Provides a one-stop app for subscribing, organizing and reading periodicals like magazines.

PC Free: Apple’s post-PC slogan also means post-Mac with this new feature. It lets you setup a new iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad) without tethering to a Mac or PC. More than just untethering for setup, it also helps you manage apps, add new email folders and backup and restore to iCloud without a Mac or PC.

Photos: The iOS phone app will be more like Apple’s desktop iPhoto in iOS 5. It gains the ability to edit photos (including crop and rotate), remove red-eye and auto-enhance. Photos can be sent to iCloud automatically.

Safari: The browsers gains tabs making it faster to switch between web sites. Reading List is an Instapaper-like app that lets you save interesting web items to iCloud and read them later on any iCloud connected device.

(onscreen) Split-keyboard for iPad: This one must really be ticking off Microsoft. Microsoft announced that Windows 8 would get the UMPC (Origami) split keyboard for easy tablet thumb typing. Apple will beat Microsoft to market with this feature.

WiFi Sync: This lets you sync an iOS device with a Mac or PC using WiFi. This happens automatically when you connect an iOS device to a power source (say to recharge overnight).

I’ve got more coming about iCloud and other new iOS 5 features. So, stay tuned to SocialTimes for more about the features below and more:

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