iOS 4.3 for iPhone & iPad is Here: Plan for Time to Download & Install Big Files

Well, when I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I am eating the words I posted earlier today.
I’m not expecting an iOS 4.3 update to appear on any of my devices until Friday.
iOS 4.3 showed up today. My iPhone 4 is updated and ready to go. My iPad is in the process of installingt its update as I write this.
These are the file sizes I saw for each update:
– iPhone 4: 669.8MB
– iPad (1): 596.9MB
If you haven’t updated your iPhone and/or iPad yet, make sure you have ample time for the download and actual installation process. It will take a while.
The most interesting aspect of the iOS 4.3 update for my AT&T iPhone 4 is the addition of the mobile hotspot feature that Verizon iPhone 4 users already have. I need to do a bit of homework before turning this feature on. Fortunately, AT&T service in my area has noticably improved in recent months. You may note that the usual “No Service” in the top status bar actually indicates a useable signal in the photo here.
Frank McPherson summarized iOS 4.3‘s enhancements last week.
– Personal Hotspot for iPhone 4
– Option to switch iPad switch from a mute button back to a screen orientation lock (as it was before the previous update)
– iTunes Home Sharing
– Improved Safari mobile web browser (faster Javascript)
– Airplay now allows streaming app contents to Apple TV
Via 9to6Mac & The Loop