Interview With Charlene Li, Author of Groundswell

Earlier this week I had the fortune to speak with Charlene Li, one of the premier though leaders in the area of social computing and is a leading analyst at Forrester Research. Practically every conference I go to, Charlene is always one of the speakers there. I spoke to Charlene about her new book, Groundswell, winning in a world transformed by social technologies, which I actually had a chance to read. The book gives in depth analysis and research about new social technologies and how they are effecting businesses.

Not only does the book provide a thorough overview of the current state of social technologies and their impact but it also discusses how businesses can adapt to them. Charlene emphasizes in the book and in my discussion with her that the focus should not be on the individual technologies that shape the social web (and the groundswell) but instead on the relationships. If you know who your customers are you can target them and join the conversation using any social technology.

Charlene provides valuable data for anybody looking to get a through overview on how to adapt in this rapidly changing environment. While the book focuses heavily on larger corporations, there are also many lessons for small organizations to learn from this book. While your company shouldn’t dedicate all its’ resources to social technology and social media, these tools are extremely powerful and valuable and should not be overlooked.

Listen to my podcast with Charlene to learn how to embrace, interact with and energize the groundswell.