Internet Trends 2013: Social Media, Sharing And Twitter As A Learning Tool [STUDY]

Mary Meeker, general partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, has released her 2013 Internet Trends report and, as per usual, it’s packed-full of magnificently tasty data, juicy tidbits and eye-opening statistical morsels.

Meeker’s presentation of the report is being unveiled at AllThings D’s D11 Conference, but we have some key findings from the study below which are especially relevant to Twitter.

First, Meeker’s release looks at the results of a March 2013 survey of two thousand social media users aged 12-64 which asked, “Which of the following social media do you use?”, and compared the results to the same data from 2011. Facebook came out top, of course, but actually declined year-on-year (albeit marginally), while YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn all advanced.

Next, citing data from an Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange study, Meeker notes how different countries are more or less likely to share ‘everything’ or ‘most things’ online. Saudi Arabia came out top, with more than six in ten respondents saying that they are heavy sharers, ahead of India and Indonesia, with the U.S. well down the list at just 15 percent. The world average is 24 percent which, let’s be fair, seems healthy if still a little on the high side. Are 2-3 pieces of online content *really* worth a share? Maybe.

Finally, Meeker looks at the “re-imagination of learning tools”, noting data from 582 learning professionals on the top 10 tools they used for learning between 2009-12. Twitter came top of this list, ahead of YouTube, Google Docs and Google Search.

Head on over to AllThings D to see the report in full, which covers this and an awful lot more. Definitely worth your time.

(Social media image via Shutterstock.)