Internet is Essential to Life, According to Latest German Court Ruling

A German court has ruled that an internet provider must compensate a customer after failing to provide internet service from December 2008 to February 2009.  The ruling, however, does not compensate the user for loss of phone and fax services. The court believes that cellular phones are more common and therefore not “essential.” Similarly, fax services are not important due to the primary use of emails as a communication tool.

The usability of the Internet is a commodity whose continuous availability for a long time in the private sector is responsible for its own economic standard of living typically crucial. The Internet world with extensive information in the form of text, image, video and audio files. Thematically, almost all areas covered and satisfies various qualitative requirements. For example, files with light entertainment are also available, such as information on everyday issues to highly academic subjects. The internet replaced because of the easy availability of information, more and more other media, such as encyclopedias, magazines or television. It also allows the global exchange between its users, for example via e-mail, forums, blogs and social networks.In addition, it is increasingly for the initiation and conclusion of contracts, used for making transactions and to fulfill public service obligations. The majority of people in Germany uses the Internet daily. That is it crucial to the way of life of a large part of the population develops a form of medium whose failure does significantly noticeable in everyday life. (Tranlated using Google)


While I am unaware of comparable US legislation or ruling, this suit brings the possibility for American imitators. The US is, after all, a litigation-hungry society. When it rains in San Francisco, my internet gets spotty or non-existent. Since I require internet service to do most of my work, I often go to coffee shops, meaning spending extra funds for tea and coffee. Is the internet essential to your work? Sound off below.

Via Reuters